Kids won't eat their dinner?

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Tame Your Dinner Masterclass

Without implementing these strategies,
it's nearly impossible to get your
little one to try new foods. 

  • The important motivator we usually ignore when we feed children.
  • What we’re doing that is actually making our children stop eating.
  • How your child experiences food so that you can feed your child with more empathy and know what's normal picky eating, and what's cause for concern.
  • How to use a research-backed method for structuring your mealtimes so there's no more should I/ shouldn't I debate going on in your head about dinnertime boundaries.
  • spoon
    A researched system to use at home when adding new foods to your child’s safe list without bribing, begging, or forcing them to eat.

Let me show you an EASY, FUN and research-based approach to feeding

your child that finally gets you results.

About the Presenters

Hi,  I'm Ana!

I’m a Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist + a Picky Eating Coach, but my most important role, is that of a mommy to my two toddlers (both boys).

I work with parents who have babies & kids with feeding challenges using the SOS Approach to Feeding.

I also was a child picky eater. So not only do I get YOU as a mom, but I also know what your little munchkin is feeling and thinking.

Combined with my studies as a holistic nutrition, my training in feeding therapy, and my real life experience, I have a very unique approach to feeding your little ones. 

Ana-Maria Janes R.H.N.
Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist +  Picky Eating Coach and Founder of Nourished Little Munchkins

Allana Robinson
Parenting Effectiveness Coach and Child Behaviour Strategist

Hey there! I'm Allana, a parenting effectiveness coach and child behaviour strategist, and mama to two very active little guys.

I've lived my entire life with food rigidities and- even as an adult- am a chronic "picky eater."

Luckily, my two little boys haven't followed suit!

At Allana Robinson Family Services I help parents understand why their children are misbehaving and how to fix it without yelling, shaming, or using time-outs.

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TO ... EAT

Let me show you an
EASY, FUN and research-based
approach to feeding your child that
finally gets you results.

These are the foundational strategies you need
to nail before you can get your little one to eat new foods

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