So you're not sure what you're supposed to say to help your child eat?

Does it feel like no matter what you say, your child still refuses to eat or try new foods?  Then you need to grab my mealtime scripts ... THEY CAN GET the pickiest little ones to eat!

Here's what you'll learn to tackle with THE SCRIPTS :

  • The Most Powerful Phrase You Can Say
  • What to Say to Get Your Child to Come to the Table
  • What to Say to Get Your Child to Stay to the Table
  • What to Say to Get Your Child to Like Being at the Table
  • What to Say When Your Child Wants to Leave the table

These scripts are perfect to nip mealtime arguments with your sensory or strong-willed child in the butt ...

About Me

Hi,  I'm Ana! 

I’m a Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist + a Picky Eating Coach, but my most important role, is that of a mommy to my two toddlers (both boys).

I work with parents who have babies & kids with feeding challenges using the SOS Approach to Feeding.

I also was a child picky eater. So not only do I get YOU as a mom, but I also know exactly what your little munchkin is feeling and thinking

Combined with my studies as a holistic nutrition, my training in feeding therapy, and my real life experience, I try to give you the "why" and the "how" getting your child to eat new foods.

Ana-Maria Janes R.H.N.
Baby and Kids Holistic Nutritionist +  Picky Eating Coach
and Founder of Nourished Little Munchkins

Try Something New to Help Your Child Be Adventurous at Mealtimes

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