Important question for moms with kids who despite having tried everything, still can’t get them to eat well at mealtimes

If there was a predictable step by step method of showing you what to do and what to say at mealtimes to help your child eat more veggies, meats or healthier version of favourite foods, that ...

  • doesn’t use guilt-inducing shady-tactics
  • is dangerously close to making you give up your shower time
  • or relies on your short order cooking ...

Would you finally feel confident to tackle the mystery of helping your child eat new foods (and old favourites), and stop the dinnertime shenanigans once and for all?

Here’s why anything short of a “Hell Yeah” will cost you big time. 

  • Everyday you have to make sure your child has anywhere between 3 to 5 meals ... for at least 18 years!
  • I’m willing to bet that you’re so over wondering if you’ll get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde at dinnertime today.
  • And whether you want to add more veggies, more proteins or healthier version of current foods your child eats, your success depends heavily on your ability to drop your “parent” hat and put on your “teacher’s” hat instead.

If you know without a doubt

After all the effort you put in to make a meal (on time, might I add), it’s like a stab right through the heart when you hear those  4 dreadful words “I don’t like it” … before their butts even touched the chair.


That despite the fact that you’ve tried every trick in the book to get your child to try new and healthy foods, you can’t help but feel that it shouldn’t be that HARD … there has to be something you're missing.

Then keep reading …

Because what follows could EASILY be the pivotal moment you look back on a few weeks from now ...

  • when you’re laughing with your child during your meal
  • when your child is willing to try new foods or ...
  • when you’re making one meal for the entire family and wonder how the blip did you ever survive mealtimes before

Would you agree that this is the most universally hated question by all moms ...

What’s for dinner?

It stops you in your tracks as your mind searches for the most perfect possibility. You try to recall what’s in your pantry and notice that taco night would be perfect, but you don’t have any cheese and that won’t go over well with your 2 year old.

Maybe you can pull off spaghetti and meatballs, but then remember your 4 year old goes in full on “you ruined my life mode” before he even gets in his chair if he sees the “red” sauce.

After pulling out your phone, doing a quick Pinterest search and trying your hardest to remember if you have the ingredients in your pantry to make that perfect 30 minute dish …

… you decide to go for it.

You manage to pick up the kids before your aftercare service starts charging you $1 per minute …

You now have exactly 29 minutes to pull off dinner before the hangries set in and your kids get into a full-on wrestling match over the “same” toy … again.

After moving faster than Lightning McQueen, dinner is served!

That feeling of accomplishment is quickly replaced by you holding your breath as your 2 year old approached the dinner table and takes the first look at his plate … he’s the one most likelly to burst into uncontrollable sobs.

On the other hand, your 4 year old is most likelly to tell it like it is … “ohhhh not that again” or, “I’m not eating that”, or worst “I don’t like it” even though it was his favourite just this morning!While it felt like the kids crawled to the table like a snail, they sure as heck bolted away   their meals as if you were serving larvae or something!?

Well at least this time they didn’t just magically turn to jello and melt into the floor in a pile of screams and tears … sometimes snot if it’s cold and flu season.

The most painful part is that you tried …

You tried to take their likes into consideration.
You tried to get dinner ready on time.
You tried to give them a healthy meal.

With the love, care and raw emotions that you are investing in making sure you put a meal on the table your child will eat, you deserve your mealtimes to be better than THAT.

You deserve to know how to tell if a tip you read on Dr. Google is full of sh*t or is actually applicable to your child’s situation, and then not be shamed in some mommy Facebook groups for trying what seemed to be a logical idea at the time.

You deserve to self-forgive and let go of any mom-guilt for giving your child mac & cheese for the 3rd day in a row, pack bologna between white toast for lunch, or have a red dye #40 filled packaged treat because you need them to eat SOMETHING.

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to leverage a proven framework to get your kids to accept new foods, re-introduce old favourites, or switch to healthier versions of their preferred foods without forcing, bribing, or short order cooking.

Here are 5 Myths
about Feeding Kids that are keeping you stuck in Mealtime Meltdown and Mis-behaviour mode

You’re trying to change your child and hope that one day the switch will flip and they will eat everything you serve.

My child is too stong-willed to listen to me and change

Eating is Easy

It’s Just a Phase … they’ll grow out of it.

They have to eat everything off their plate

The good news is that getting your child to try new foods is a lot easier than you think.

If you’ve ALREADY made it this far, then you know to put aside your ”parent” hat and put on your “teacher” hat is the key to successful mealtimes.  

But maybe you didn't know that teaching your child to eat new foods using the Mealtime Success Path, you'll also have the power to: 

Create a mealtime routine ...

that you will always come back to even during your busiest times because it just works with your everyday life so seamlessly.

Choose from a boatload of tools ...

to apply to the correct situation you are currently experiencing with your child with the unwavering confidence that you won’t make things worse.

Have a happy child ...

sitting with you at a table while eating.

Stop worrying ... 

about how little food variety your child is eating.

Work on adding new foods ... ...

like fruits, vegetables and meats at your own pace with a step by step process that won’t let you or your child down.  

Stop referring to your child  ...

as “picky”, “fussy”, or “difficult” eater. 

You can have these outcomes whether you’ve already tried everything for your fussy child OR if your child eats a wide variety yet your mealtimes are a disaster ...

But they do depend on ONE thing ... that you follow a step by step BLUEPRINT.

A blueprint that is proven and backed by 30 plus years of research and based on the expertise of child psychologists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, speech-language pathologists, doctors and mental health professionals.  

​A blueprint that I use with my kids every-single-day even though they are not super picky eaters (they do have those phases ;) ), simply because it makes mealtime life easy and because it’s designed to fit into a busy mom’s daily life.

A blueprint that once you implement in your life, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it … it’s THAT GOOD!

Who am I to tell you all this?

I’m Ana, Health Coach + picky eating Expert, and founder of Nourished Little Munchkins where I help moms feed their little ones.

I also have a superpower.  I have more taste buds than 75% of the population.

While that might sound like a brag-worthy statistic, it’s actually one of the most annoying superpowers ever.  It means that I taste “bitter” that much more strongly. Broccoli is “spicy” and anything “spicy” is beyond painful … No even joking, I taste that strongly!

As a child, if it did not look right, smell right, feel right, and taste right, it was just not happening.  Does that sound like anyone you know?

Since my default to overcoming bitter tastes became sugar filled snacks or anything chocolate, when I was pregnant with my first child, I went back to school to study natural nutrition and then further got training in feeding therapy.  When you just study nutrition, they only tell you the part about what foods to eat.

And I’m guessing since you’re here, you too learned pretty quick that it’s the “how to get the kid to eat the food” part that’s always missing from Dr. Google.When it comes to taste training, I literally have tried every strategy on myself.  And since, I’m now a boy mom to two toddlers, a 2 year old and a 4 year old, I also use the strategies I learned in feeding therapy in my family every-single-day.

Today I eat the widest variety of foods I have ever had in my life!  And that number keeps on growing! 

I’m not about:

Using harsh methods.

Punishing kids for not eating.

Or “tell you to do this” without never have tried it on myself or my family.

What I am is a mom and  holistic nutritionist trained in feeding therapy who can give you an arsenal of mealtime tools and a mom who can tell you how to make them work in “real-life”.

Introducing the

The blueprint to help your child to eat new foods, switch to healthier alternatives, and end mealtime misbehaviours so that you can focus on making memories ... not ten different meals options.

It took me a year of testing the “just-right” format where I can translate the theories and feeding strategies we learn in feeding therapy into an easy to follow system that can be used in every day life at home with your unique child.  

It's a blueprint that works:

  • For moms who are crazy busy and don’t have a lot of time to be stuck in that cycle of trial and error hoping to find something that sticks.
  • For the mom who is short-order cooking because it’s the only way she knows her child will eat something.
  • For moms who have kids who are eating less than 30 foods in their diet.
  • For moms whose child eats a great variety, but mealtimes still feel like you’re king Triton trying to get Ariel to listen.
  • For moms who don’t want to use force or punishment to “convince” their kids to eat a few measly bites of food.


Here’s how we’re going to get there.

First, you'll get access to Food School.  This 6 week online course will give you a clear, step-by step-blueprint to follow.  

And next, you'll get ongoing monthly support with the I ❤️ Mealtime Club.

The Foundation

How kids think and how they physically learn to eat.

The art of espionage at its best.  This is where you get inside your child’s mind and body to figure out the way they think and what drives their mealtime behaviors.   

Without this module, you’ll be going back to relying on “hope cooking” and your best replica meal of the one you found on Pinterest is not going to save you.  

By the time you’re through this module, you’ll have a rock solid picture of the hidden factors at play that are influencing your child decision to eat or not to eat, and give you that fair advantage in the mealtime battle.

Here’s how you’ll get that:

  • You’ll figure out how humans learn to eat.  I’ll show you exercises you can do to understand the move by move we do to eat and how to spot if your child is compensating instead of being a crunch monster.
  • An age by age tour of how kids think.  You’ll get an insight into what drives their mealtime behaviour and common pitfalls you’ll see in each age range.

The Discovery

Uncover the reasons for your child’s mealtime behaviours

While in the Foundation module we learned the theory, it’s now time to put it in practice. Here’s we’ll walk you through a questionnaire to uncover your child’s hidden skills and areas that need your special attention to develop.

This is the module where we connect the dots between what you see your child do at mealtimes and what it really means.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  • Observe and Tack:  While I’m sure that you are well aware of the mealtime behaviours you wish were different, you’re going to put them down on paper and then we’ll play detective and look for those hidden connections.
  • A breakdown of mealtime behaviours and their most common cause.  You’ll put that tracking and questionnaire to good use as we connect the dots and get to the bottom of your child behaviours at mealtime.

By the time you’re done with this module, you’ll be able to tell what strategy will work for your child and which one can turn to internet dust as far as you’re concerned. You’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts.

The Mealtime Structure

A primer for implementing the Mealtime Success Path and the 3 Levels

In this module, we cover what the 3 levels of mealtime are, their purpose and when to use them.  Remember how you already have a good idea of the reason behind your child’s mealtime behaviours?

It’s now time to  see what to do about it.

Here’s what happens in this module.

  • Discover my 3 levels of mealtime and why you can’t live without them.  Do you remember a few years back when not all phones had had data?  Well, if you’ve never had a data phone plan, no big deal. But once you’re phone gets that must-have internet connection, you’re never going back.  Same thing here.
  • You’ll get the low-down on handling those powerful emotions that surface at mealtime.  It’s an intense time, especially if things have not gone well. In this module, you'll also learn what to say to diffuse that tension and work on giving everyone some “happy feet”.
  • Common mealtime mistakes to avoid.  Before diving into what to do (that’s the next three modules), you’ll learn what not to do.

Level 1: Little Learners

Your New Normal

This is where the action begins!  In this module you’ll learn your new normal mealtime routine.  You might not know this yet, but it’s THIS routine that once you have in place you won’t be able to live without it.  

I will give you fair warning, you will deviate from it, because #momlife happens.  But I guarantee you’ll ALWAYS return back to it because it works so incredibly well at keeping the peace and setting everyone’s expectation including your kids.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • The Little Learners Mealtime Routine:  Got a little excited about this one already and spilled the beans about what you’ll get with this section.
  • How to get your child to come to the table.  We gotta get them there to be able to have them try anything new right.  This is your toolbox with strategies to stop chasing them around and calling it your workout of the day, avoid losing your voice while screaming it’s dinnertime, and stop eating cold food because it took 30 minutes to gather the troops.
  • How to get your child to stay at the table.  Yeah …… so just because they got there, doesn’t mean they always stay amiright?  This is where we fix that!

By the time you’re done this module, you’ll have 3 major accomplishments.  First, the mealtime battles will be significantly reduced. Second, you’ll have a process to get your child to come to the table and third you’ll know how to keep them there.

Did I mention that this is where we stop short-order cooking … you’re welcome 😉

Level 2: Explorers

Where Operation “Happy Mealtimes” Begins

Now that you know how to get your child to come and stay at the table, not everything is honky dory yet.  

Your next task is to get them to actually like being at the table.  Your child can’t learn about new foods if they have their guard up emotionally or if they are physically uncomfortable.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You'll know what to say to reinforce the behaviors you want (and not accidentally those you don’t).  
  • A process to change your default mealtime vibes.  I’ll teach you about condition cues and how to use them to your advantage.
  • A guided approach with what to say and what action to take in order to get your child eating familiar foods.

By the time you’re done this module, you’ll be able to use some ninja mind tricks to get your child to let their guard down at mealtimes.  Your little Explorer needs space to explore their safe foods in peace and eat for volume.

Once they are comfortable with familiar foods, we move to the next level and add new foods to the mix.

Level 3: Little Scientists

Where Adventurous Eater Play

Finally, in this module, I’ll show you a process to add new foods in a way that matches your child’s oral motor skill level and sensory references.  You’ll learn how to push your child beyond their comfort zones with the “just-right” challenge and use play to make the whole process fun.

The focus for this type of meal is to add new foods to your child’s diet.

Here’s how you’ll do that:

  • A complete step by step process using the SOS Approach to feeding.  You’ll know exactly what to do and what to say when adding new foods to your child’s plate.
  • Meal planning for your child like you’ve never seen it before. This is where I’ll show you how to create meal plans and decide what foods you’ll be working on next.
  • Become an expert at playing with food.  And before you go there, no it does not have to be messy, but it’s kinda more fun if it is … just sayin’. I’ll share a supply of fun mealtime games you can play at the table so your after-work-exhausted-brain doesn’t have to wake up and be creative.

By the time you're done with this module, … well … you’ll be able to add new foods to your child diet without that feeling of dread, overwhelm or worry that it will turn into a battleground again.

Rock Your Mealtime

Now you have the tools, customize your mealtime!

Now that you know the blueprint to follow, you have a unique child, your own life situation and your own energy levels.

The entire point of Food School is to give you the tools, teach you the ins-and-outs and then show you how you can use them no matter how busy you are.  

Remember how you already learned your child’s skills and weaknesses in the Discovery module?   Now you get empowered to use what you’ve learned on an ongoing basis, so that you never have to go back to making multiple meals for the kids, fight with them to eat something, or feel discouraged that they only eat junk food.

Here’s what we'll talk about:

  • Get the kids on board.  You’ll discover different ways to make mealtime interesting and fun instead of the dreadful time when “mommy yells at me”.
  • Increase your Child Self-Awareness.  This is where your child will be come better and better at communicating their mealtime preferences and become a participant in this whole adventure of trying new foods.
  • How to customize your mealtime experience.  This is where you’ll get ideas on how to mix-and-match tools from each of the three levels depending your mealtime goals for your child, your business, or time of year.

While Food School teaches you the Blueprint, do you know what will get you results?


I ❤️ Mealtime Club

Life throws you curveballs, never let them get in the way of mealtimes.

The I Heart Mealtime Club, is the ongoing support to help you with the implementation part.  ​

Did you know that before your child reaches the age of 11 year old, they will go through 3 major phases where they are prone to being picky eaters?

It's really small tweaks that will lead you to success.  As you continue to help your child eat new foods or switch old favourites to healthier versions, I will be right besides you helping you nail the food sequencing that will help your child get there. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Monthly New Food Workshop where we walk you through the process of adding one specific food and the best strategy to approach it (in PDF or Video format)
  • Monthly live Q&A office hours where I answer all your questions
  • Engaged Facebook group and community with moms just like you.

The “I ❤️ Mealtime” 45 day Guarantee

If you’re on the fence, or other feeding kids advice left you skeptical that this will work for you ...

Then I want to give you EVERY OPPORTUNITY to put I Heart Mealtime in action and experience the relief that comes with having organized mealtimes where you only make one meal for the whole family and your child tries new foods willingly.

If in 45 days you’ve gone through the lessons, watched all the videos, completed the workbook and got your questions answered in the Facebook group and you don’t feel like you’re well on your way to being a supermom who has control of her mealtimes with kids who lick the bowl  …

Send an email to support[at]nourishedlittlemunchkind[dot]com and I’ll hit undo and this whole “let’s get your kids to try new foods” experiment and issue you a refund. 

Plus These Bonuses


The Recipe Book Library ($97)

The recipe library includes 6 electronic recipe books with over 300 recipe ideas for your to try.  There's everything from  breakfast to dinner to nut free recipes.



Food Jag Mini-Course ($97)

When you hear mom's say "He used to eat that all the time and now he won't touch it!" .. that's most likely the result of a food jag.

This mini-courses will walk you through the strategy to use to stop your child from food jagging and show you step by step how to meal plan to get then out it. 


Sniffles, Sneezes  and Stuffy Noses ($47)

The cold and flu season hits every year! Kids don't eat well when they are sick.  no one does!  

Build a strong immune system, take less sick days, and get rid of your kid’s year round runny nose.


Unbound: Constipation Remedies for babies and Kids ($25)

This is one of the top reasons kids won't eat ... their tummy hurts because they can't eliminate.

This mini-course will walk your through determining the right remedy for your child's constipation. Hint: it's not always about adding fibre!  Sometimes that can make things worst.

You'll have a 3 step plan that works every time ... you can use at home anytime.


Join the I ❤️ Mealtime CLUB

If you’re ready to make a change … If something gotta give … then come and join the I ❤️ Mealtime.

  • Access to the Food School course, ($997 value)
  • Monthly New Food Workshops ($67 value)
  • Monthly Group Q&A Calls ($147 value)
  • Member's Only Community ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Recipe Book Library ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Food Jags Mini-Course ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Sniffles, Sneezes, and Stuffy Noses Course ($ 47 value)
  • BONUS: Unbound Constipation Course ($ 25 value)
  • BONUS: Baby First Bites  (secret bonus) ($ 67 value)

Total Value = over $1 600
Today’s Price

$37/month or $365/year

prices in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Question your fellow moms asked before saying “yes” to rocking their mealtimes.

I want to do this, but you know how life with kids goes … it’s hectic and unpredictable. How much time does it take to implement all this?

Oh I so hear you on this!

Weekly you should set aside about 30 minutes to listen to the videos and 1 hour to work on implementing one strategy at a time. My rule of thumb is that I have to be able to listen to a video while driving the kids to daycare … the videos are between 3 to 10 minutes in general.  

If you wish you can also set aside 15 minutes each day to hop inside the Food School Facebook Group where we can rally together or vent to each other. It’s pretty much less than the time you’d spend today in “figuring-it-out” mode

How do I know this will work for me.  I’ve tried many other things and I’ve always been left disappointed.

This is where I get all sciency on you. My process uses the gold standard children feeding models. They are well researched methods and best of all they blend the knowledge of doctors, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, nutritionists, and psychiatrists to support your child from a wide variety of angles.

It’s truly a holistic approach in the entire sense of the word. It takes into account the child's body development, child psychology, the child’s skill set and the child’s nutritional needs. In theory, this might be sooooo not relevant to you.  

But knowing that you’re not going to be asked to do some quack job set of tasks is probably a relief.  Instead, you are getting a tried-and tested system (one used to get the most difficult children to eat) broken down into bite-size, real-life, to-do items that give with your busy schedule.

My child is not that bad of an eater.  Are you just complicating mealtime for no reason using words like sensory this and oral motor that?

Okay, I get it … It sounds worse than it is. 

What can I say, I’m a “why” gal. Especially when it comes to my kids, I need to understand “why” and is it safe. I thought you might also appreciate the same inside scoop.

By actually understanding all the factors involved at mealtimes, it actually sheds so much light on the whole process. I know that you will be floored at the information you hear because I was when I first learned it. While there are a few things I want to teach you about, they connect the dots so well, that it’s no longer about learning something new, it’s about that lightbulb going off when you figure out something old.

I truly believe that there’s a lot of advice out there, and it’s not organized in a way that is easy for us as parents to know if it’s the right course of action for our child. 

If your child is eating well, that’s amazing! You might not need this program.

Yet if you feel that your mealtime is generally a soul-sucking activity, you’ll benefit greatly from the tips in this course even though your child is willing to eat new foods.

My child is already doing feeding therapy with an OT, or not typically developing (SPD, ASD, medical condition, etc) or eats less than 20 foods? Can this still help me?

Yes it can. The SOS Approach to Feeding was developed for the 20% of children who have trouble feeding.  You might already find that while they are going through feeding therapy, there’s not always time to teach you as the parents what to do at home to continue progress.  The Foundation, Level 2 and Level 3 of the program will teach you that part.

Feeding conditions are multidisciplinary in nature and before you add anything to your action plan, I recommend you send me an email to book a call with me so that I can coordinate with your child feeding team.  

What you focus on in the program might be different depending on what your child's current area of focus is, and we need to all get on the same page to make progress. 

Join the I ❤️ Mealtime CLUB

If you’re ready to make a change … If something gotta give … then come and join the I ❤️ Mealtime.

  • Access to the Food School course, ($997 value)
  • Monthly New Food Workshops ($67 value)
  • Monthly Group Q&A Calls ($147 value)
  • Member's Only Community ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Recipe Book Library ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Food Jags Mini-Course ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Sniffles, Sneezes, and Stuffy Noses Course ($ 47 value)
  • BONUS: Unbound Constipation Course ($ 25 value)
  • BONUS: Baby First Bites  (secret bonus) ($ 67 value)

Total Value = over $1 600
Today’s Price

$37/month or $365/year

prices in USD

You’re ready to achieve a positive mealtime experience
with a child that eats balanced meals if …

Your 18 months old baby who used to eat everything starts being more selective of his foods. They are not picky by any means, yet you’re noticing your child is starting to express their unique opinions and dropping foods one by one.  You want them to continue eating that wide variety and NAIL great mealtimes, but you don’t want to resort to forcing them to eat.

You’ve been trying to get your 2 to 5 year old to eat more veggies, fruits with peel and meats but they just won’t budge.  They flat out refuse to try new foods and mealtime became “their way or the highway”. At this point, you’ve settled for the white or beige diet and are at your wits end with dealing with their mealtime shenanigans.

You’ve done all your research on what your child nutritional needs are.  At this point, they’ve dropped enough foods that maybe your child is missing entire food groups. You’re worried that they are not meeting their nutritional needs so you’re taking action in the only way you know how.  Adding liquid meal replacements, sneaking in veggies in your dishes, and maybe even adding those baby puree pouches. You know you’ve got to be missing something, but not quite sure how your adventurous baby turned into the picky monster.

You have no problem investing a couple of hours per week doing the work as long as you know every bit of energy is a strategic and meaningful step that will result in your child eating a more healthy and varied diet. 

In fact, you are already investing those few hours in researching “picky eater” meal ideas on Pinterest, asking mommy Facebook groups for advice and even wasting time arguing with your child at the table.  The problem is that without a strategy to pinpoint the root cause of why your child is not eating well, and a process to address it, you might as well go look for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

You want to use a respectful, understanding and empathetic approach to parenting and mainstream advice of “they’ll eat when they’re hungry” or “they won’t starve themselves” just doesn’t sit right with you.  You don’t want to use punitive methods at mealtime either. You’ll appreciate how in Food School and I Heart Mealtime Club, we don’t ask the child to do anything they don’t have the physical skills or sensory tolerance for.  We teach them the skills they need first … that’s why it’s called Food School by the way ;)

You’re aware of what it meals to have a child who can eat a wide variety of foods and have a positive mealtime experience.  You can bake together for your next school baking sale. You can go to visit friends and not plan to take a “safe meal” for your child.  You can start making memories!

You are excited and open-minded about the Mealtime Success Path.  Even if you’ve been let down by other feeding kids advice, you're starting to feel a sense of renewed optimism that by this time tomorrow you can dive right into a blueprint that will compound your mealtime wins each day.

You are excited and open-minded about the Mealtime Success Path.  Even if you’ve been let down by other feeding kids advice, you're starting to feel a sense of renewed optimism that by this time tomorrow you can dive right into a blueprint that will compound your mealtime wins each day.

You feel confident investing knowing you have 45 days to test it out.  It’s plenty of time to go through the material and start seeing some dramatic changes in your mealtime!

So … What’s for Dinner?

Remember that question we began this whole conversation with?

By now you already know the difference between a stress-free mealtime and a free-for-all dinner all comes down to the … I ❤️ MEALTIME CLUB

By the time you’re done going through the Food School course, when someone asks you “what’s for dinner” my personal goal will be for you to replace that feeling of dread with “I 🧡 Mealtime”. Between the blueprint and the ongoing support, I will not let you fail!

Join the I ❤️ Mealtime CLUB

If you’re ready to make a change … If something gotta give … then come and join the I ❤️ Mealtime.

  • Access to the Food School course, ($997 value)
  • Monthly New Food Workshops ($67 value)
  • Monthly Group Q&A Calls ($147 value)
  • Member's Only Community ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Recipe Book Library ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Food Jags Mini-Course ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Sniffles, Sneezes, and Stuffy Noses Course ($ 47 value)
  • BONUS: Unbound Constipation Course ($ 25 value)
  • BONUS: Baby First Bites  (secret bonus) ($ 67 value)

Total Value = over $1 600
Today’s Price

$37/month or $365/year

prices in USD

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